Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

The divine law of Allah is the foundation of knowledge. In line with His Will, UTM strives with total commitment to attain excellence in science, technology and engineering for the well-being and prosperity of mankind.
To be a premier global academic and research institution, excelling in science, technology and engineering.
To lead in the development of holistic talents and innovative technologies for universal well-being and prosperity.
Strategic Thrusts
T1. Holistic, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Academia
T2. Academic and Research Excellence
T3. Global Prominence
T4. Leading Industry and Community
Institutional Core Values
Integrity calls for adherence to sound moral values and strong ethical principles. This noble virtue must be internalised in our heart and soul, and manifested in our loyalty, character, conduct, deeds and action with wisdom and trustworthiness.
Synergy instills team spirit, togetherness, inclusivity, collegiality, respect, humility, cooperation and collaboration. It also breeds selflessness, resulting from care and concern for others above self, while embracing diversity and appreciating differences.
Excellence towards high performance and delivery will result in outstanding and remarkable achievement in all aspects of learning and teaching, research, innovation, commercialization and provision of services.
Sustainability is reflected in the holistic drive by the campus community in integrating and balancing economic, social and environmental spheres to meet the current needs without compromising the ability to exist and survive continuously.
Office of Corporate Affairs,
Sultan Ibrahim Chancellery Building,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
81310 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
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