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It’s amazing how far an additional language can get you, especially in a world in which global relationships are often a necessity for businesses and organizations to thrive. Because of this, graduates of modern language degrees have long been in demand across many sectors of business and industry, in roles that extend well beyond interpretation and translation to encompass all elements of business transaction, international cooperation and politics.
A modern language degree is not just about learning a new language – though of course attaining a high level of fluency is one of the goals. Many programs will require students to study courses which develop their understanding of past and present cultures relating to the country (or countries) in which the language of study is spoken. This learning often requires the study of literary texts, film and media, as well as learning about the historical and political contexts of a certain region. Professionally focused courses may also be available, covering topics such as translation, international relations, business processes in different regions, or media and communication studies.